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friends only /since 05.08.2005/ [05 Aug 2025|12:00am]

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[07 Feb 2011|10:26pm]


... whoops...

sorry scotty, sorry rinzler..
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don't you know that you're toxic? [14 Nov 2010|10:27pm]
чет я в последние полгода нереально подсел на каверы всевозможные.
то, что бывают каверы круче, чем оригинал, вроде, не новость?
(I Will Always love you by Dolly Parton vs Whitney Houston, Telephone by Lady Gaga vs Pomplamoose и, сорри, не бейте, но Nature Boy by Nat King Cole vs David Bowie)

дык, оказывается, есть песни, любой кавер на которые лучше оригинала.

к примеру, Toxic, всеми любимой Бритни.
Вот, например, мой любимый, с небольшим отрывом, кавер:

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[24 Oct 2010|05:07pm]


— Did you ever want reconcile with her?
— ... I'm human.
— Then why'd you do it?
— Well that's the same answer.
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[30 Sep 2010|07:52pm]
[28.09.2010 21:06:48] Ромка: БЛЯ , ПАРНИ , ПСЦ!!!!
[28.09.2010 21:07:38] Ромка: Были мы значит в мэжакатисе, стою в ресепшоне и слышу "Ромка, Рома , Рома!"
[28.09.2010 21:07:55] Ромка: Поворачиваюсь , там какой-то чел вообще не из наших
[28.09.2010 21:08:04] Ромка: в первый раз вижу
[28.09.2010 21:08:37] Ромка: он такой : "Я же говорил ,он, точно он... Ну чё Рома, пошли блины готовить?"
[28.09.2010 21:08:49] Ромка: и они толпой заржали
[28.09.2010 21:08:58] Ромка: я просто в ахуе был

16к and growing..
люди, вы ценители, или где?
буквально пара часов на сьемки и монтаж - я, мне кажется, никогда в жизни так не халявил - и на те.
сила пиара в латышских социальных сетях =(
эхх...если бы дрочил на рейтинги...
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[21 Aug 2010|03:01pm]


Three days after the robbery I had Mewett cornered near the base of copper canyon. Mewett wasn't the strong man, but he didn't have to be - he had a gun. And I'd lost mine while falling fifty feet down the canyon wall.
"To be a free man you would only have to do one thing - kill me."
They say, that every man has a price at which he'll do anything. I like to think it's the other way around - every man has a line, a line he won't cross over no matter what the cost. The only problem was - I didn't know exactly where Mewett's line was. And neither did he.

As I walked him out of the canyon, Mewett hadn't a thing to say. He almost seemed surprised, that he hadn't shot me. It's funny. Some men don't know where their line is until they're commited to crossing it.
And then it's usually too late.
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[19 Aug 2010|09:34pm]
— Brian, can I see that paper for a second?.. Huh... that's odd... I thought it would be big news...
— You thought what would be the big news?
— Well, there seems to be an absence of a certain ornithological piece. A headline regarding mass-awareness of a certain avian variety.
— What are you talking about?
— Oh, have you not heard? It was my understanding, that everybody heard..
— Heard what?
— Brian! Don't!Collapse )
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[17 Aug 2010|04:58pm]


February 13
Ten years ago I would never have walked into something like this. A bear trap so poorly camouflaged a child would have seen it but I didn't. I pried it open and got my leg out but there was no way I could make it back. I was prepared to die out here. And to be honest, I felt I deserved it. A man gets too old for a job he should know it, and stop. But then Buck found me. I don't know how. No one knew where I was going but he found me and carried me back. Three days over terrain a mule couldn't navigate. Laughing his ass off the entire way. Riding like that, completely helpless, slung over Buck's shoulder and staring down his back I came to understand two things. One, at a certain point in life a man's hips spread and there's nothing you can do about it and two, there's a very easy way to define friendship. A friend is someone who won't stop until he finds you and brings you home.
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[09 Aug 2010|07:46pm]
 и все-таки правильный тимворк крут местами.

..Collapse )
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